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Color - 60 mins. 



What happens when after 20 odd years of estrangement, two sisters are forced to have a face-to- face confrontation? With the tragic demise of her husband, Seher has no option but to return to her hometown and live with her older sister, Meher. But Meher has made it clear that Seher is not welcome in their home. After all, she had been tending to the house in her sister’s absence for all these years. Furthermore, she cannot find it in her heart to forgive Seher for running off with the man she believed was in love with her.
But the reality of what actually transpired is revealed through the story as both sisters try to find the right moment where they can come together and start a conversation. 

Written by Syed Mohammad Ahmed. Produced by Zeal for Unity.

Starring Marina Khan, Sonia Rehman Qureshi, Humayun Saeed, Mohammad Ahmed, Shahryar Zaidi, Jahan Ara Hai. 


Jagran Film Festival, India
MISAFF Festival, Canada
Dallas South Asian Film Festival, USA
New York Indian Film Festival, USA
Indian Film Festival of Cincinnati, USA

"Hauntingly Beautiful Tale"

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